TCV 50th Yrs Annerversary Theme Song "SHE IS TCV", (Music by:-R-59 the band)

Title Song of Tibetan Olympics 2008

R-59, criptically means ‘Remember 1959’ which was the turning point-negetively or positively-in the history of Tibet when thousands of Tibetan revolted against the Chinese occupation of Tibet in which many sacrificed their lives for freedom which we should always remember, is the name of our band which consists of 4 members, who believe in giving new dimension to Tibetan music through our own songs: of freedom and occupation, of success and failure, of loss and gain, of joy and sorrow, of love and hate........... our music is basically of rock genre. We do cover songs too, as we believe in expanding our musical colony.
The band was conceived a long time ago; neverthless it was born in 2004, when all the necessary conditions consumated. Music for us is not only a hobby but also an indespensible passion as well as profound medium to express what we believe in and what we feel for to the people of all ages and faces, as music knows no language.


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LONG SHIG! means Rise up! for the cause of Tibet.

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